Thursday, August 12, 2010

Well This Looks Promising

The multiple blogs that I have had in the past have in no way deterred me from starting yet another.  I have had blogs far and wide, from actual handwritten journals about my sad life as a fat middle school girl to a stint on and a tumblr which I still currently use but is nothing short of grotesque.  So why another?  I'm pretty bored and extremely persistent, so who knows, maybe this one will work out.
As for an introduction, hello internet, I am Lizzie and I am currently 18 years old and preparing to enter my freshman year of college at Emmanuel College, a private Catholic college in Boston which offered me an obscene amount of money to study English Literature and Writing. Before I get there however, I must work as a waitress at a fortress of evil known as Linden Ponds, where I serve lukewarm food to rich old people who hate me. To give you an idea of what I'm all about, I'll tell you what I accomplished and did not accomplish today.

1. Not changing out of my pajamas.
2. Spending my entire day on my laptop.
3. Figuring out what book I needed to buy for the Excel course my college is forcing me to take.
4. E-mailing someone about the scholarship that I desperately need to be sent to my college as soon as possible.
5. Ordering all my books for my first semester.  This is my only real accomplishment today.
6. Drinking a lot of Capri Suns that were supposed to be for my 4 year old cousin.

Didn't Accomplish:
1. Taking a shower.
2. Being social.
3. Beginning to even attempt to make plans for tonight.
4. Leaving my room for anything other then food, only to shuffle back up to my cave with my treats.
5. That last one was kind of a lie, I did have to go outside for a total of 30 seconds to retrieve my wallet out of my dad's car so I could order my books. Apparently, my disheveled appearance was displeasing to my neighbors dog, who started barking at me, causing the neighbors to stare at me from their deck, in my mickey mouse sweatpants-ed, no bra, greasy-haired glory. I scurried quickly back into safety.
6. Not eating for no reason.

Hoping To Accomplish:
1. Watching the new episode of Jersey Shore.
2. Going to bed before 5 AM.

This is a basic outline of my life, which I'm sure has scared any one off who was hoping that this might be inspiring, or at the very least interesting. Oh well. If anyone can tell me how in God's name I make my blog look mildly pleasant to look at, that would be greatly appreciated.
Here's some of my work, just to keep you interested.

 Can't go wrong with a meme.

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