Friday, August 27, 2010

I've been watching Big Time Rush for hours.

I haven't been on here in a few weeks? I think? May be it's just been a few days, staying up until 5 on the internet, playing videogames, and reading Harry Potter, then waking up around 2 or 3 the next day is crippling my ability to discern one day from the next.  I start college next Sunday, which bodes the question "WHEN IN GOD'S NAME DID I BECOME AN ADULT OH JESUS?!" I quit my job because I'm moving on campus and I remember what it's like to not have any money, and I assume this feeling will persist throughout this year and next year, and next year, and the next... Also, my mother informed me that, although my parents will be paying the $5000 of my tuition that is not covered this year, next year and each subsequent year I will have to find a job or jobs that will enable me in paying $300 a month for tuition. I'm already panicking.  I mean honestly, is this the face of an adult who can come up with $5000 to be spent on something other then food and makeup?

Incidentally, enjoy my new Snuggie.  It's purple, warm, comfy and has pockets.  I guess I'll use it to comfort me when my lack of money grips my soul, reducing me to cold empty tears.  In other slightly less depressing news, I'm going to New Hampshire with my mom and sister for the weekend.  My cousins live next to a Cumberland Farms.  This means 79 cent slushies at 2 in the morning for 2 days.  These are things that make me happy, and I can drown all my worries in the frosty depths of 79 cent blue raspberry deliciousness.  I'm glad I can take a break from getting ready to leave my childhood home for a new and scary world in Boston, where bad kids will corrupt me and take my innocence.  Thankfully, I ordered all my books for my classes fairly early from Amazon and they're all here.  Unfortunately, some of them are really heavy.

Exhibit A. I don't even know why my college is forcing me to take an Excel class.  I don't even have Excel! I have a Macbook, which has Numbers, which I will never use because I'm a useless English Literature and Writing Major.  So I have to drag this floppy behemoth with its spiral excuse for a spine around with me every Monday, to the library or computer lab because, as I said, I have a Macbook and do not have Excel, so I have to take that class with one of the school HPs. I assume I will be wearing that ridiculous displeased expression that I'm wearing in the picture to that class every Monday.  It makes my chin look like gravel. Also, I've somehow acquired 4 followers! Welcome, please don't let me scare you off.

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